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2007 Ford Expedition Promises Powerful Capability

2007 Ford Expedition Promises Powerful Capability

Ford has many things to do in order to recover from the past doom. It also takes swift and tough moves to prevent further sales loss and company damage. Moreover, Ford is taking every step seriously. In fact, it has enhanced and upgraded its vehicles to draw more customers. One of the vehicles that benefited from the modification is the 2007 Ford Expedition, which is designed to give greater capability.

Many customers demand to have the kind of capability that delivers better hauling and performance. Hence, its new full size SUV was given extra capability in terms of power and functionality without compromising the comfort of the occupants.

“Full-size SUV buyers are, perhaps, the most demanding customers of all,” says Cisco Codina, Ford group vice president, Marketing, Sales and Service. “They want uncompromised capability and unquestioned toughness, along with interior flexibility and refinement. The new Expedition has been designed with unique customer appeal that makes it stand out in a competitive market.”

Basically, the design of the new Expedition is inspired Ford’s best-selling F-Series truck. In fact, several Ford F-Series pickup parts are incorporated to Ford Expedition custom parts to come up with a powerful version of an SUV. This big improvement in Expedition’s toughness and capability is the pushes it to another level of proving its worth. Aside from the capability, Ford also refined the vehicle’s interior to boost quietness, flexibility and comfort.

All-new Expedition is lengthened by 14.8 inches to deliver more cargo space for improved cargo-carrying capability. The wheelbase is also extended by 12 inches. “We lengthened the wheelbase on the Expedition EL to add all that extra cargo capacity without compromising driving dynamics,” says John Viera, Expedition chief engineer.

With regards to Expedition’s new design, the vehicle heals the ruggedness by utilizing expressive lines that suggest confidence and elegance. “The crisply defined surfaces and chiseled good looks exemplify the feeling of athleticism,” says Chelsia Lau, Expedition chief designer. “Expedition’s unique design proudly displays its Ford SUV heritage while creating its own unique personality and character.”

The bigger version of Expedition with improved engine, dynamics, and elegance creates a bunch of promises that the automaker is positive to satisfy.