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5 Reasons Why the Honda CR-Z Is the Ultimate City Car

5 Reasons Why the Honda CR-Z Is the Ultimate City Car

To get around in the city, there’s no need for a huge motor vehicle or one that costs a fortune. What urbanites need is a fun, compact car that gets from point A to point B quickly. With this in mind, Honda has created an urban masterpiece in the CR-Z.

1. Comfortable Ride

As far as sports cars go, the Honda CR-Z is extremely habitable. Whether the driver is cruising down wide suburban boulevards or winding around inner-city back streets, the ride is smooth and supple. The driving position is nice and low, guaranteeing a laid-back journey free of rocking or pitching. Visibility is of a high enough quality that there is no need to strain the neck when steering around tight corners or watching out for cyclists behind or alongside the coupe.

2. Accessible Power

City dwellers demand instant power from a car. In this respect, the CR-Z delivers beyond all expectation. Both the electric motor and the 4-cylinder engine perform well, whilst the six-speed box is characterized by an easy usability. Meanwhile, the robust battery pack supports the Integrated Motor Assist system in providing the car with plenty of torque.This automobile therefore gives a performance that’s seductively dynamic, without being too much for relatively inexperienced drivers to handle.

3. Stylish Appearance

Urban style is a must for city inhabitants. The CR-Z is a dream come true for those who like their cars to look as good as they do. Smooth lines give it an air of class and sophistication, as do the 16″ alloy wheels, shark fin antenna and high-tech LED brake lights. Turn indicators are integrated seamlessly into the folding side mirrors, resulting in a futuristic visual. Moving on to the cabin, it’s hardly noticeable that the plastic components are indeed plastic, so coolly precise is their assembly.

4. Easy Handling

Driving around a busy city can be difficult enough. Trying it with a car that won’t co-operate can be disastrous. Honda is well aware of this, which is why it created the CR-Z to be as easy as possible to handle. Despite the trimmings and trappings that come with any hybrid car, this one is as lightweight as they come, making it simple and straightforward to change direction. The grip is in perfect proportion with the coupe’s power, while the steering is highly accurate.

5. Reassuring Safety

Living the heady lifestyle associated with modern metropolises doesn’t mean that road safety has to be compromised, as the CR-Z demonstrates. Features such as Vehicle Stability Assist, Electronic Brake Distribution and the Tire Pressure Monitoring System help the car stay on course and away from danger. However, no car in the world is guaranteed to avoid a traffic collision, which is why this one has been engineered to protect drivers and passengers alike by using a network of connected structural elements.

This is a hybrid unlike any other. In the world of automobiles, the Honda CR-Z is the definition of athleticism and aerodynamic design, making it the logical choice for anyone seeking a city car that’s a cut above the rest and ahead of its time.