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An Introduction to Bikes In India

An Introduction to Bikes In India

Bikes have been ruling the automobile sector in India for more than 50 years now and are a favorite among young men for the look, style and speed it has. Apart for these, there are many advantages of having a bike in India. For example, it gives you the space to move in an extremely congested road. Moreover, you can use a bike to travel even on the very narrow roads with ease. Roads in India are full of bikes and while these are a passion for some, they are used for a number of practical purposes.

In the year 1955, reliable motorcycles were needed by the Indian Government suitable for its police and Army for patrolling the country’s border highways. This is when the first batch of 350cc Bullet was received and assembled in Madras (currently known as Chennai). Since then, India bikes have become the major segment in the two-wheeler industry.

Most of the leading India bike manufacturers get bike parts made in India itself. However, the latest designs and styles are quite similar to the ones which are manufactured internationally. Bikes which are made in India are especially designed for the Indian roads and have indicators that show increase mileage and maximum throttle. There are many different types of bikes that you can find on the Indian roads. You can find sports bikes, E-bikes, economy bikes and bikes that are suitable for all age groups.

You can find detailed information on different types of Indian bikes on a number of websites. With various types of bikes available on the Indian market, the two-wheeler industry has something to suit every individual’s taste. With leading bike manufacturers such as Bajaj, Hero Honda and Yamaha, the main concern is to provide comfortable and efficient bikes. You can find a lot of information about bike manufacturers, latest bikes launched and their features just be searching on the internet. Moreover, you can also compare different models along with their prices and specifications.

With a constant growth in the economy, a large number of people including women are turning to bikes. People who own cars are also purchasing bikes as it helps them move quickly on congested roads. Middle class families in India are able to afford a bike today as this option is economical, cost-effective and fuel-efficient. Manufacturers of bikes in India are in constant competition to launch the next best bike and many of them have been successful in doing so. With the introduction of innovative features and special technology, the Indian two-wheeler market potential has increased even further.