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Boy, It’s Been 5 Years Since Cash for Clunkers?

Boy, It’s Been 5 Years Since Cash for Clunkers?

Boy, time absolutely sure does fly when you are reliving poor memories. The summer season of 2009 brought many wholesalers (these types of as myself) with the federal government-funded Autos Allowance Rebate Technique, or Hard cash for Clunkers, to their proverbial knees. If memory serves, the total new-vehicle field was down, not topping 10 million in sales in 2008, and the economic system was in a standard malaise, if not cost-free-tumble.

From my recollection, Hard cash for Clunkers would spend up to $4500 for what at the time was considered a gas-guzzler again then, I try to remember observing a bunch of Crown Vics, pre-historic Jeep Grand Cherokees, Chevy Blazers, just about every single pre-2002 Dodge Ram and Dakota you could think of, and of study course, the venerable Ford Explorer rattling into the Toyota dealership I used to buy cars and trucks from.

A fantastic variety of those vehicles have been really $500-$2000 cars and trucks, all commanding $3500-$4500 from the governing administration dependent on which category it fell in. Nonetheless, there were being numerous cars and trucks that I salivated around (they were being inexpensive), but I was not able to obtain them, as President Obama and Congress experienced designated them for the crusher, but not right before they were (ordinarily) scavenged for stereos, tires, interior parts, and whichever else the grubby paws of the unethical sorts could get their hands on. From there, liquid glass or some other motor-destroying material was poured into the carburetor/ingestion even though it was functioning to lead to it to seize up and die an (un)well timed death. I’m specific there were more than a handful of good autos killed throughout that “program”.

Right here is the Automotive News short article linking to our salute to negative memories:

As this write-up suggests, several ended up happy about the final results of Income for Clunkers new auto sales made a slight rebound and for awhile, product sales were being superior. However, what I keep in mind was the better portion of 4 months, wholesale stock drying up, and small fellas like me starved, although the junkyards and sections recyclers obtained abundant… superior for them. Just after all, dollars can’t be destroyed–any time a person loses, a further a person wins. I distinctly recall believing that we have been just thieving the drop/winter business enterprise in new cars and bringing it into the summer, which was just shifting earnings, not building it. I also remember remaining puzzled about how this was supposed to “prop up” (probably I’m mistaken) the U.S. Car market, particularly, Federal government, err, Typical Motors. If that was so, why have been import car dealers such as Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai, and Kia eligible for this method? It hardly ever made perception to me. I often felt I could have gotten at the rear of it more experienced it benefited the U.S. new-car or truck market much more straight.

In any function, 5 a long time later, and I am running a blog about auctions and operating the utilised-auto desk my, how things transform. Thank god for the Web to remind me about the summer months of 2009.

See you in the auction lanes!