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Cars For Sale – in Green Bay, WI – Abrams, WI – Octono, WI

Cars For Sale – in Green Bay, WI – Abrams, WI – Octono, WI

Broadway Automotive

Broadway Automotive has two locations in Green Bay Wisconsin and are a fairly large dealership. They almost have a monopoly over the new vehicle industry, they sell everything from General Motors, Ford, Jeep, and Volkswagon.

The sales agent play it straight up and don’t pressure you into purchasing a vehicle although they appear to be more interested in making the company money than saving you money, they will help you find a vehicle that suits you. There are deals to be found sometimes in their used car inventory and if you offer too low they will let you walk away rather than negotiate their position or convince you to pay their price.

My recommendations for this dealership is before you buy a vehicle get them so low on their offer that they tell you they can’t do it and let you go and then come back the next day with either a higher offer or tell them you’ve changed your mind.

Chrysler World

I had the experience of going to this dealership with a friend on a sales event day. Be prepared to fill out an information sheet before you are allowed to test drive anything and most of the time before they will answer any of your questions about their vehicles. They will tell you it’s a necessary step and that in order to do certain things they need this information, but they don’t. They tried to get as much information out of me and my friend as possible, (even social security numbers), so they could run a credit check on us to get an idea what you could and couldn’t buy on the lot before before we were even allowed to test drive or talk to them about a vehicle we wanted.

When going into a car dealership you don’t have to give them anything but your driver’s license and possibly a phone # to test drive. You definitely do not have to give them any information and if they refuse to answer your questions or let you test drive without you providing them with information beyond your driver’s license and phone #, just leave. It’s not worth your time and these guys don”t have the best of deals anyway. They asked a friend of mine his marital status, as if that has anything to do with buying a vehicle.


These guys were more than eager to provide me with an inventory sheet that showed exactly what they “had” into the car in order to justify their position of not going lower.

Now I don’t know if the sheet was real or not but I did have the opportunity of sitting through a 5-10 minute lecture on how they try to protect the dealership from losses and can only offer “wholesale” value on vehicles for trade-in pricing. Ironically, the money they put into their vehicles on the lot were fairly close to the retail value of the vehicle which contradicts their objective of protecting themselves from losses.

I don’t know why the vehicles on the sheet showed they had almost as much into them as they were selling for. You would think that if they are offering me wholesale value of 13,000 on a vehicle that retails for 18,000 that there would be room for them to lower the price.

Make sure you do your own research on your trade-in and never, never, accept wholesale auction values as trade-in, because you don’t have access to that information and you can bet they are going to ignore the options and condition of your vehicle and pick a price of a vehicle that may not even be configured the same as the vehicle you are trading in.