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Chevy Silverado Tops Ford F150 As Best Pickup Truck

Chevy Silverado Tops Ford F150 As Best Pickup Truck

There is always substantially discussion amongst Ford and Chevrolet truck enthusiasts as to which is the better truck. Guaranteed, there are quite a few strategies to examine the Chevy Silverado truck and the Ford F150 truck, together with their specs, the interior styling and comfort, exterior styling and capabilities, fuel overall economy, pricing, horsepower and torque, and dependability and longevity.

In a lot of techniques the Chevy Silverado and Ford F150 are extremely equivalent, including their horsepower, and towing ability, nevertheless there is movie evidence of a Silverado out pulling an F150 in a tug of war. But the typical strategy is that the performance attributes of these two pickup vans are really significantly similar, so we can call this a tie and it arrives down to regardless of whether you are a Chevy dude/female or a Ford male/lady.

If you glimpse at the exterior styling of the Chevy Silverado, it has additional angular strains than the Ford F150, which has a softer curved design and style to it. Again this arrives down to the Chevy vs Ford male/gal. As for the inside styling, well, they are pickup trucks, so they are not heading to be pretty various in conditions of seating, instrumentation and audio and air conditioning, and many others. So all over again it will come down to no matter if you are Chevy lover or a Ford admirer.

Surprise, gasoline economy is generally similar involving the Chevy Silverado and the Ford F150 as perfectly. Yet yet another spec class that are unable to be resolved by any other purpose than model choice. Do you see a sample below? What about reliability and longevity? That 1 is once again tough to quantify, as there are often stories of the million mile Chevy Silverado and the Ford F Sequence floating close to. My tendency would be to favor the Silverado somewhat in this class, nevertheless there just isn’t really plenty of proof on possibly facet to arrive to a definitive summary.

So if the Silverado and the Ford F150 are very a lot equivalent, how can you decide which one particular is better? There is only a person genuine element that can decide which truck is superior: the North American purchaser! So suitable now, all the Ford fans are cheering and slapping themselves on the back again for getting the finest pickup truck, specified that the Ford F150 bought 515,513 models in 2008 as opposed to the Chevy Silverado at 465,065 units sold. So it appears rosy for the F150, nonetheless if you contemplate the fact that the GMC Sierra is just a Chevy Silverado rebranded less than the GMC nameplate, overall income of Chevy Silverado come out on top at 633,609 units marketed.

This can make the Chevy Silverado the eternally disputed king of vans.