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Dungeon Rampage Facebook Game Review

Dungeon Rampage Facebook Game Review

Dungeon Rampage: Not your normal Fb match!

Dungeon Rampage is an motion RPG/Dungeon Crawler substantially akin to game titles like Diablo and their ilk, showcasing randomly generated dungeons, multi-player motion with up to 4 gamers at a specified time, and a lot of loots and figures to enjoy with!

This video game is distinct from most Facebook video games, as there is no vitality bar existing, so you can play as significantly as you would like without the need of penalty! You get started off in the Rookie league, and the recreation presents you a short tutorial amount, featuring the highlander berserker. This character is a major melee primarily based character, and the opening tutorial will train you some of the fundamental principles of the recreation. Every single character has their very own strengths and weaknesses, particular powers, and 3 weapon slots employing the Z,X, and Y keys. Some weapons can be charged up applying mana to provide impressive attacks and talents, these types of as the hammer which sends a shockwave out and damages enemies in it is way.

As you carry on participating in you will come upon loot chests, and have various concentrations of rarity. Popular, Unusual, and Famous Chests, and these will require the expected critical in order to open up them. Most of these will offer you you weapons for the various people, or potentially some item boosts, like XP potions or electricity potions.

Just about every Character in the game has their possess exclusive electric power, which rewards the full crew for a quick time, but can come in helpful for the duration of mind-boggling odds. You get these by selecting up gold stars, which can be located by destroying statues or by destroying the setting. As soon as you are completely ready to unleash it and have crammed up your specific meter bar, urgent the B button lets you to go all highly effective and unleash your devasting power!

Thankfully, just about everything in this match can be purchased with the in-video game gold, or for a compact price tag you can invest in “Gems”, which are the serious funds forex, in buy to purchase new people, variations, keys, and other items. Kinds are mainly distinctive character types, and you can buy pets which will enable you out in your journey.

You can also have up to 3 other players join you in your dungeon crawls, and they can be part of your sport mid-recreation if you make it possible for it. Extra gamers within a dungeon will raise the difficulty and XP benefits supplied, but can be a large help in some dungeons and manager fights. Continuing onward by way of the different dungeon terrains, amounts, and boss fights will guide you through diverse leagues of raising difficulty.

The motion in this match is extreme and reminds me of a cross in between Smash Tv, Diablo, and Castle Crashers. The character types and cartoony style surely gives me a little bit of a Castle Crashers vibe, and the loot fest and cash grabbing reminds me of Diablo and Smash Tv set, which tends to make for a enjoyable blend.

Overall, I discovered this sport to be a exciting, various type of Facebook game, featuring actual stay multiplayer co-operation, significant replayability by means of looting and XP leveling, and a huge range of people to unlock and enjoy! I definitely endorse this video game to the Facebook sport player who is seeking anything distinct!