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EnviroQuest PCO Ozone Ionization Air Purifiers Review and Numbers Analysis

EnviroQuest PCO Ozone Ionization Air Purifiers Review and Numbers Analysis

EnviroQuest International is an air purifier company based out of Traverse City, Michigan. EnviroQuest offers a variety of active purification systems. These systems use ionization, ozone, photo catalytic oxidation, and Electrostatic Precipitators (ESP) in varying combinations to clean the air. These purifiers cost between 5.1 and 61 cents per square foot of air cleaned per year. The majority of these systems cost less than 10 cents per square foot of air cleaned per year. These systems cover between 150 and 3,500 square feet. They cost between $910.40 and $2346.40 to use over 10 years.

These systems are designed to compete with top-tier active purification systems by providing well priced alternatives that function well. Active purification systems are great because they do not use filters and have little in the way of replacement parts. They require monthly cleaning as they can become crusted with the pollution from the air. These systems are more comprehensive in their air cleaning approach than strict filtration systems. They address particle, odor, gas, and in some case bio agent contamination in the air. However, they are much less efficient at removing particles from the air than a HEPA filtration system.

These purifiers are backed with a 3 year warranty which is the standard quality warranty for most top-tier active purification systems. These types of systems when cared for properly can last a long time. However, their longevity varies with the level of toxic pollution they have to clean daily. It is wise to expect to replace these systems every 5 years.

EnviroQuest systems are great all-around active systems and they are a great alternative to some of the great name brands. Some of the concerns with these units is the lack of testing on the particle removal efficiency and questions about the effectiveness of the PCO technology.

In our opinion, the Fresh Air LA-3500 v.2.0 is the best all-round EnviroQuest air cleaner because it is the most comprehensive while providing good cost to value benefit. The MRSP on this air purifier is $897.00 which makes it a little bit higher priced than some of its competitors. When the costs are broken down over 10 years, the difference in costs seem to be minimal. These may be great alternatives to some of the name brand purifiers, but do your research to make sure you are getting the best deal for your needs.