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Flowmaster Super 40 Series Muffler Review

Flowmaster Super 40 Series Muffler Review

There are several that are contemplating acquiring an aftermarket muffler for their automobile. There is a good deal to select from out there, all with their exceptional positive aspects and sound. I ordered the Flowmaster Super 40 Collection Muffler. Flowmaster claims it to be one of their loudest, superior move mufflers. In accordance to “The Tremendous 40 has that “deep highly effective” sound of the original 40 series but with all the advantages of overall performance and low interior resonance from the “Delta Circulation engineering.” I have to say that I agree with the truth that it has a deep highly effective sound, nonetheless, the inside resonance is sizeable. I have not read the interior resonance of a delta stream, but the Tremendous 40 Series nonetheless has fairly a little bit of inside resonance.

I place this muffler on a 2001 Toyota Tundra 4.7 Liter V8. I ordered the muffler on-line, and when it came I took it and the truck to a regional muffler store and had it installed. The store simply just minimize out the inventory muffler and mounted the new one. The resonator was still left by itself. I also extra a stainless metal idea. From working day 1, I have been very amazed with the audio of it.

Involving.5 & 2 RPM’s the sound is really throaty and deep, especially when I an really on it, however as my RPM’s increase earlier mentioned 2.5, the sound from the taxi get a small quieter and the rev of the motor takes over the sound from the tail pipe. It nonetheless sounds definitely terrific in my feeling, it is really just not really what I expected.

As considerably as effectiveness is concerned, I experience that I have shed a little lower end electricity. With large movement mufflers like this 1, this can be common. The horsepower gains that are claimed are real, however, the greater horsepower is uncovered at the better RPMs. The decline in lower close ability is sufficient for me to discover, but not ample to make a lot of a variance. (I am picky)

I have not found an improve in MPGs. I was hoping that I would, but it remained unchanged. (even with a K&N drop in air filter). I keep on to get among 16 and 18 MPG.


* Deep throaty sound in the taxi and out.

* Good cost.

* Greater electric power (substantial RPMs).


* Not a stainless metal building, rather it is painted. After a number of months of use, the attractive black paint has almost all burnt off.

* All around 65 – 70 mph, there is inside resonance that I just will not like. It goes away at about 72 mph, so not a massive offer. I liked it at first, but receives bothersome following a whilst.

Total, the Flowmaster Tremendous 40 is a good item. I genuinely like the seem of this muffler. It is deep, and clean. It is really not raspy and “rackety”. It produces a potent seem and really allows you listen to the beast that the 4.7 Liter i-pressure is. It is really one of the finest Toyota aftermarket components I have ordered.