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General Knowledge of Home Gym

General Knowledge of Home Gym

I am a twenty-four years old graphic artist. I used to have a problem about my weight because my job does not really require me to exercise. In fact, my hands, brain, and eyes are my most active body organs when I work. Being a graphic artist, I sit down a lot. I reached a point when I became overweight at 220 lbs. At first, I did not care about my weight. After all, there were many other people around me who were heavier. I got teased by my friends and my family because of my weight. I also felt that my weight hindered me from doing the things I wanted to do. I easily got tired when at one point I tried playing basketball with my friends.

I also got depressed because I was not getting more attention from the ladies. That is why I decided to take action. I started going to the gym to work out. At first, I did not want to. I felt that those who go to the gym are just plain vain. I was proven wrong because there many people in the gym that come from different walks of life. They also have different reasons why they go to the gym. Not everyone went there to get ripped muscles. In the first three months, I dropped 40 lbs by undergoing intense workout. I was happy with the result but I knew that it was not enough. I had to continue with exercising and working out. Going to the gym, however, was getting in the way of my work. My friend told me that instead of going to the gym regularly, I could come up with my own home gym.

I started buying dumbbells and barbells. They were the cheapest. These home gym equipment helped me strengthen and build my biceps and triceps. They also developed my shoulders. The next home gym equipment that I got was the bench. This equipment assisted in my weight training program. My home gym was slowly filling up but I knew that I had to get other materials. I got a simple treadmill for my home gym as opposed to the more specialized ones in the gym. I then purchased a bicycle. These machines improved my cardiovascular endurance.

I hade to give importance to my heart as well after a long time of not caring about the things I eat, especially the ones rich in fat. These machines also help me sweat a lot. They were instrumental to my weight loss. That is why I enjoy using them. They are tedious to use, but I reap the rewards of having them in my home gym. I am a believer of the adage, “no pain, no gain.” Coming up with a home gym is very practical. While you may spend more buying your own home gym equipment than what you are already spending in your gym membership fee, you save on a lot of things.

You have these equipment to yourself, contrary to the setup in the gym where you have to share the equipment to other users. With this in mind, you are also responsible for these equipment and how long they will last. Finally, you save time. With a home gym, you do not need to go to other places to work out and exercise. You can work out even if you are busy with your work.