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Getting the Right Van and Managing Insurance Costs On a Fleet of Vehicles

Getting the Right Van and Managing Insurance Costs On a Fleet of Vehicles

Starting a new business or knowing you are ready to move up to the next level of a business can be an exciting time.

There are so many things to consider, however, that it is important to research and plan carefully in order to set a realistic budget that matches the expected increase in business.

This is especially the case if you are going to need to invest in additional tools or transport, such as vans, for the business.

Among the considerations when looking for the right van are size, security, fuel efficiency and also how easy it will be to customise to the business’ requirements and to get repairs should they be necessary. The cost of van insurance will also need to be considered and will vary depending on the contents to be transported.

It may be, therefore, that a well-known make, like Ford, for example, is the best option for a new van not least because getting comparison quotes from insurers for Ford insurance should not be a problem.

This company offers vans in a range of sizes, from the smaller Fiesta model right through to the Transit, which comes in a range of sizes and cab configurations to allow for passengers.

So the first question will be what the van will be used for.

What will be the size or weight of the typical load? Will it be used to carry specialist tools or equipment and what kind of security is needed? How will the load be accessed, for example will you need side doors?

The next question is whether the van or vans will be used for a single purpose, such as deliveries, or multiple purposes, such as dropping off workers to jobs as well as carrying their tools or equipment.

Panel vans, which include the popular Ford Transit, are better suited to larger deliveries or contractors such as plumbers who need to carry a substantial amount of equipment for multiple jobs.

Chassis cabs from manufacturers allow you to build the van to your own specification if your size or other requirements can’t be met by any of the categories above.

Finally, expected mileage may also make a difference to your Ford insurance, as well as wear and tear on the van.

Getting exactly the right vehicle for the needs of the business can be important as it will contribute to the company’s reputation and efficiency.

Keeping overheads under control is a major concern for businesses in managing their cash flow and turnover.

For a business that needs a significant number of vehicles as part of its operations keeping fleet hire or purchase and maintenance costs down and securing the best van insurance deals will be important.

Businesses should have good information about the driving history, ages and any health issues its drivers are likely to have and also to ensure that they are offered training in safe and economical driving behaviour.

Among the considerations for fleet managers are what types of vehicles will be most useful and whether it would be more cost effective to lease or buy the fleet.

It may also be helpful to negotiate with suppliers to see whether an exclusive contract to buy or lease the whole fleet using one manufacturer will lead to saving.

Suppose the business needs a range of vans from the smaller car-like designs for local work and larger transporters for larger jobs. Availability of a full range from manufacturers like VW, Ford or Vauxhall and how readily they can be modified to suit the particular business may be a key part of the research when a fleet contract is coming to an end and the business is shopping around for replacements.

VW, for example, offers a range from the Caddy to the Transporter (large panel vans) and after offering a wide choice of options to cover every aspect of the business operation.

Van insurance deals will be part of the calculation.

When existing insurance is coming up for renewal if is worth shopping around to compare prices and asking lots of questions.

It is important when looking at renewing or new Ford, Vauxhall or VW insurance to know whether any vehicles in the fleet are likely to be regarded by insurers as more accident prone, what kind of additional costs there are for high mileage and whether additional security measures or drive behaviour monitoring can bring down the premium costs.

The insurers’ assessment of the value of a vehicle can make a difference also. This may affect the choice of manufacturer the business will opt for when buying, leasing or replacing its fleet.

Proper initial research and shopping around should be habitual good practise for businesses whether it is for fleet purchase, lease or for the best insurance deals.