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Gift Ideas For the Automotive Obsessed

Gift Ideas For the Automotive Obsessed

From big to small and short to tall, auto enthusiasts everywhere dream about auto parts. When you’re looking for a gift that will win them over every time, consider some of the following car accessories.

Leather seat covers are the perfect match to any interior. In addition to their rich, refined appearance, they protect your interior and resale value from coffee, soda and even sharp objects that can scratch, tear or leave permanent stains. They slip on and off in seconds, with no tools required, and are available for all seats and rows in your vehicle. Many models are even treated with water and stain repellents for complete spill protection.

It may sound strange, but when you’re an auto-enthusiast, a set of brake pads is actually an incredibly thoughtful gift. Like underwear and socks, brake pads are always guaranteed to eventually wear out. However, performance-grade brake pads surpass their lesser stock counterparts in durability by 20 – 40 percent. They’re engineered from high-tech composite materials and provide a direct replacement for those under-performing stock pads. And, if he’s a pro, you could even throw in a set of brake lines.

For the environmentally conscious guy on your list, you might consider the Green air filter. Environmentally friendly, a Green air filter is reusable and greatly reduces the number of disposable air filters that clog landfills. Plus, they have the added benefit of actually performing better than other aftermarket air filters by trapping more dirt and producing greater airflow, providing more power, longer engine life and better fuel economy.

When it’s dad on your list, you can’t go wrong with a set of headrest monitors, especially when he has young kids and drives long distances. These LCDs will keep the young ones occupied for hours with a wide range of input options, including DVD, iPod, MP3 player, game console or any other digital device. They conveniently connect through the front-mounted auxiliary jacks and they operate independently, eliminating the inevitable fight over High School Musical vs. Spider Man.

For the fixer-upper on your list, headers are guaranteed to blow him away…literally. Performance-grade headers allow the engine to breathe easier by increasing the efficiency with which spent gasses move through the tailpipe. They provide 10 – 25 more horsepower, coupled with added torque and throttle response-benefits sure to put a smile on his face! And, for even more power, couple a new set of headers with a cold air intake system. It force-feeds additional oxygen into the engine, streamlining horsepower and torque to improve gas mileage.

For the guy who spends a little bit of every weekend washing his car, a car vacuum provides the extra power and longer cord usually missing from the house vacuum. Top it off with a jar of car wax, protecting that custom paintjob while providing a clean-looking shine.