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How to Replace a Transfer Case in a Jeep Cherokee

How to Replace a Transfer Case in a Jeep Cherokee

The Jeep Cherokee transfer situation is an necessary portion of the for wheel generate system. The transfer scenario is separate from the transmission and can be simply eradicated for support or substitute. Listed here is how I did it last time I changed one particular.

I began by draining the fluid by eradicating the bottom drain plug. Then I supported the transmission. Following I eradicated the entrance and rear push shafts. An 8MM hex wrench and a pry bar was all that was essential.

I then unbolted the transmission mount using a 13MM socket. These nuts are inside of the cross member and are accessed through the holes. Then I dropped the cross member by eliminating the 15MM bolts and nuts that hold it up. That gave me entry to the transmission mount that is held to the transmission by two 18MM bolts. These bolts have thread locking compound on them and are tricky to turn all the way out. I inspected the mount which is normally damaged in significant mileage vehicles like this one but it was fantastic. Subsequent I slipped the exhaust mount off the tab.

Instead than mess with the shift linkage bushing in the cold, I unbolted the change lever from the transfer situation. I chosen 2wd and used a 9/16 wrench to take away the nut and washer. I diligently lowered the linkage out of the way. Generally I push out the linkage from the bushing. Unbolting the lever was quick so I might get started employing that technique as normal apply.

Upcoming I eliminated the speedometer generate by unbolting the 13MM retaining bolt and getting rid of the clip. I remaining the sender hooked up to the wiring harness. I pulled the harness absent from the mounting tab on best of the case. I unplugged the method mild change and moved the wiring out of the way.

Next, I unbolted the six 9/16 nuts that keep the case to the transmission. Five are accessed applying a box stop wrench. The previous one is driving the transfers scenario change linkage bracket and has to be accessed employing a 9/16 socket and a long extension. The two in the vicinity of the exhaust pipe acquire some persistence to get off except if you eliminate the exhaust pipe. Considering the fact that this one particular was in superior form and welded in place, I remaining it by yourself. Reducing the situation down helps get entry to these two nuts.

With the 6 nuts off, the transfer case slides simply off the transmission. I then geared up the substitution scenario to go back again in by placing it in 4wd. This authorized me to rotate the entrance yoke and make the enter splines convert to line them up. With the substitute scenario in area I started off a nut to maintain in there.

Up coming, I tightened all 6 nuts. I then reinstalled the change linkage, wiring harness and speedometer generate. I set the circumstance in 2wd to make the linkage line up with the lever. I then reinstalled the entrance drive shaft as it is easier to access with the cross member out of the way. I loaded the transfer circumstance with fluid ahead of putting up the rear drive shaft as it is less complicated to get the bottle in position with out the travel shaft in the way. The 231 holds a tiny a lot more than a quart of ATF.

I then place up the exhaust bracket and transmission mount. Again, these bolts are really hard to change due to the thread locking compound on them. I then set up the cross member and bolted it to the entire body before lowering the weight of the transmission onto the cross member. I then reinstalled the four nuts that hold the transmission mount to the cross member.

Then, I reinstalled the rear generate shaft. I checked for leaks and unfastened bolts and then reduced the Jeep for a take a look at generate. The alternative transfer case worked wonderful and shifted to all gears with out altering the linkage. If a linkage adjustment is wanted, loosen the 13 MM bolt on the linkage and slide it to the right posture.