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Jeep Parts – Quality Lift Kits For Your Jeep

Jeep Parts – Quality Lift Kits For Your Jeep

Rough Country has been in the Jeep parts suspension business since 1977. Located in Dyersburg, Tennessee, the company is fully stocked with Jeep parts in their 75,000 square foot warehouse. Highly competitive pricing and supreme jeep parts combined with great customer service and a knowledgeable staff sets this company apart from the competition. They offer suspension kits for 2 wheel drive & 4 wheel drive Jeep, Toyota, Chevy, Ford, Nissan, Dodge, and Scout trucks and SUV’s. With a wide variety of sizes and options they are sure to be able to build a kit specific to the needs of each individual vehicle owner.

There is a multitude of companies today that make Jeep parts and Jeep accessories. Many of these companies make suspension lift kits that range in price and quality. From Fabtech’s high end coil over kits that cost over $5,000 to Daystar’s budget boosts that run under $200. Rough Country offers the best of both worlds as they have basic kits that include everything that is a must have and then you can upgrade later if you need to or you can just buy a completely upgraded kit right off the bat! Rough Country’s lift kits range from the low $100’s to upwards of $2,000 and are made with the same higher-level jeep parts of the other suspension companies but with out the high price tag.

As with all Jeep parts installing a lift kit can be a DIY project or it can be something that needs professional installation. It all depends on the style of the kit that you buy and the automotive skills you have as well as your knowledge of Jeep parts. The smaller 1″ to 4″ lifts can usually be done in a driveway with little modification. The larger lifts 5″ and up can be a little more involved to install. With bigger kits you usually run into welding and drilling to accommodate the larger parts.

Several Jeep parts on your vehicle may need to be adjusted when a lift kit is being installed. A lift kit is an important part of an off-road Jeep as it not only allows you to run bigger tires but they are built with superior components compared to the factory suspension and will allow you to flex and move about your obstacle better. The upgraded suspension is also important in order to have higher ground clearance. When a Jeep is being built for off road use the first factor is going to be what kind of suspension you want to use because that dictates what size tires you are going to run and also the main appearance of the Jeep will be based on its height. While there are certainly a large number of Jeep Parts you can buy for your vehicle, a suspension lift kit will be one of the most visually noticeable upgrades you make on your Jeep.