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NP 231 Jeep Transfer Case Rear Seal Replacement

NP 231 Jeep Transfer Case Rear Seal Replacement

The stock Jeep transfer circumstance works by using a slip yoke at the rear of the transfer scenario. As the push shaft slides in and out of the case the seal wears absent. This impact is magnified by jogging in filthy muddy environments. When the seal wears it enables transfer scenario fluid to leak and is commonly evidenced by an oily mark in the tunnel close to the front of the push shaft.

The seal is basic to adjust even if obtaining the appropriate seal is not. Many countrywide discount areas chains have started stocking a seal that appears to be like unique and in my working experience makes an inferior seal to the inventory substitution.

I bought a seal that is a duplicate of the inventory seal. If your area areas retailers never have the proper 1 check out the Jeep dealer.

I began by eradicating the rear drive shaft. I taken out the U joint strap bolts making use of my six level 8mm wrench. I inspected the U joints though I experienced it in my hand.

After removing the drive shaft sort the transfer case, I utilised a screwdriver and a hammer to fold back aspect of the steel shell of the seal. I drove the screwdriver amongst the tail shaft housing and the seal bending the seal out and staying very careful not to hurt the aluminum housing.

Since my transfer circumstance skid plate confined entry, I merely crushed the seal until I could grip it with a pair of vise grip pliers and pull it out. If I was functioning on a Jeep with out a skid plate I would have worked the seal out more prior to making use of the vise grips.

With the outdated seal out of the way, I utilized a rag to clear up the area and inspected it for injury. Then, I in comparison the seal to the opening to make sure it was proper before eradicating it from the plastic bag.

I set the seal in location and tapped it frivolously with a hammer to established it in location. I come across it hard to push these seals in applying just a hammer as they are likely to twist. I did not have a seal driver useful so I utilized a sleeve from my ball joint support kit that suit all around the flange. A couple taps of the hammer seated the seal squarely in the opening. I then employed my hammer to tap all around the perimeter of the seal to make guaranteed it seated entirely.

I applied a bit of fluid to the slip yoke and slipped it back again in spot. Then I reinstalled the rear of the shaft and the U joint retaining straps.

If you are not confident how much fluid has leaked out, acquire time to check out the fluid level even though you are under there. Simply just take away the upper plug in the back again of the transfer situation and make guaranteed the fluid is stage with the gap. If not, incorporate the suitable fluid for your transfer case to carry it up.

A swift examination generate confirmed no much more leaks. I ought to be leak no cost for a handful of a lot more decades of off street use.