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Running Your Car on Water Has Never Been Easier (Says the Blonde)

Running Your Car on Water Has Never Been Easier (Says the Blonde)

Let’s get to it. Run your car on water… Sounds sketchy right? I had probably the exact mind set you have right now. Thinking this can’t be for real, and even if it is there is no way I am going to be able to build this on my own and install it. So let me tell you about my little story.

I am a divorced mother of two with limited time on my hands. I know absolutely nothing about cars, engines or building hydrogen generators for that matter. I drive a Jeep Liberty and let me tell you, I did not enjoy filling that thing up every week. I searched the net for ways to increase gas mileage and immediately saw ads for building your own hydrogen generator. I looked into it a bit and seen it was just a guide not an actual pre assembled kit so I shrugged it off thinking no way in hell I am going to build this, then install it you have to be kidding. I didn’t even know how to open the hood of my Jeep. (ya ya insert blonde joke here I know guys). Anyway I had some vacation time coming up and I figured what better time than to take a day and really attempt this project.

So I went ahead and purchased one of the top rated guides seeing as how it is made specifically for idiots like me. It had a 56 day money back guarantee so I figured what the heck; I’m going to try this.

Once I got the guide I bought (it actually came with a bonus book), and started reading it, it got me really excited. It had very detailed and easy to follow step by step instructions and illustrations to show me exactly what I had to do. It showed me exactly how it was going to work and help my gas mileage as well as emissions and cleaning my engine out. I got to the collecting the parts section and immediately took a trip to home depot. I had a very nice gentlemen look at the book with me and help me collect all the parts.

I went back home and started piecing the parts together as instructed. I never really got stuck at any part and have the thing completely built in just 2 hours and I went slow and cautious. I couldn’t believe how fast and easy it actually was. The pictures did a fantastic job of idiot proofing this.

Once completely built, I hooked some electricity to it from a test battery like it said to try, added some water with baking soda, and to my surprise it started carbonating and making hydrogen. I was ecstatic.

Now the scary part, installing it. After finally figuring out where the latch up under the hood was, I got my hood open (YAY!). Now what I saw made me ill. A complete mess of metal and wires. I was ready to close the hood again and give up right there. I looked at the pictures in the book and compared and managed to locate my air intake. I first found a place to set the hydrogen generator in the engine where it would be safe. Once I got it mounted I hooked the hose up to the air intake like it said, then I hooked the electricity from the battery exactly like it showed.

That’s it! I looked over everything, double checked, and then the book said OK fire up the engine. I am not going to lie I was quite nervous. I turned the key and it fired right up. I quickly ran back to the engine and look, and my generator was on, and working! I started seeing the hydrogen get sucked in through the little tube. It looked so cool and I was so proud.

“Blonde builds homemade hydrogen generator and installs it”

Let’s hear the blonde jokes now guys..? 🙂

So that is my story.