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Simple Life With Nissan Titan Chrome Trim Accessories

Simple Life With Nissan Titan Chrome Trim Accessories

When it comes to Aftermarket Accessories for the Nissan Titan, it’s a KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid. Adding chrome trims to an already titanic truck is not a must-do, but a simple compliment to enhance the outward appearance of your truck. If you are a chrome lover, there is absolutely no limit on the amount of chrome trim accessories for the Titan; there are custom trims designed to fit the Nissan Titan front, sides and rear.

Right up front, there is a wide range of aftermarket grilles with different configurations including horizontal and vertical billet, stainless, aluminum and mesh style chrome grills. After you decide on what style of chrome grille you are going to install, you will have to choose a style. Take your time, and pick what goes well with your ride. Directly below the grille, you can easily add a chrome ABS fog light bezel to bling out the looks of the front end.

Take a look at the side of your Nissan Titan; if nothing grabs your attention, then you know you need some chrome trims to enhance the sides. Simple chrome trim accessories to add to the sides include chrome mirror covers, chrome door handles, window sills and maybe a fuel door. To accent the wheel well and fenders, you may add a set of chrome stainless steel fender trims and chrome fender vents or fender port holes. Also, adding some Rocker panel molding trims is not a bad idea to enhance and protect the rockers section of your Titan.

For Added protection to your vehicle, there is a choice of chrome bull bar or grille guard, chrome steps and chrome taillight guard. The chrome plated front sturdy bull bar offers a barrier of protection for your Titan’s front end, protecting vulnerable front end parts including the grille, radiator, and steering components. To keep stones, bugs and rain away from your pickup truck, there is a chrome hood deflector and a chrome rain guard. The rain guard window visor allows both the driver and passengers the ability to crack open windows even in severe weather conditions. This keeps clean, fresh air flowing in the cab and pushing stale air out in any condition, rain or shine.

When it comes to chrome accessories, chrome tail light covers have your back. Refresh the rear of your Titan with chrome taillight bezel or covers to protect and accent the tail light. While you are at it, add a chrome plated tailgate cover. For the tailgate, there are several styles to choose from; polished stainless steel tailgate surround by quality automotive accessories (QAA), U shaped tailgate chrome cover including the handle beautifully crafted by TFP products, and then my favorite, custom molded chrome ABS tailgate surround by Paramount Restyling.

One of the unique features of chrome trim accessory is that they are inexpensive and to top that, they are easy to install; most of the chrome trims with the exception of the grille guards or bull bars, chrome grilles, taillight guards and truck steps are easily installed using industrial strength 3M adhesive tape. When it comes to customizing your Nissan Titan with chrome trims, choose your accessory trims wisely. It is OK to add some shine but not add so much chrome to alter the looks of an already titanic truck. Now that you have been exposed to some of the popular chrome trims to enhance your Titan, are you ready to accent your vehicle with style?