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The Difference Between A Toyota Camry And A Toyota Solara

The Difference Between A Toyota Camry And A Toyota Solara

Between 1998 and 2009 Toyota had two versions of its most effective selling vehicle the Camry. There was the normal Toyota Camry and the Toyota Camry Solara, also known as the Toyota Solara.

While these two cars and trucks share related capabilities, there were being also quite a few noteworthy distinctions. This report will address the heritage of the Solara and how it is different from the Toyota Camry. Right here is what you have to have to know.

Toyota Solara Beginnings

Toyota started production the Toyota Solara in 1998 as a two-doorway, sportier model of the Camry. The Toyota Solara was a alternative for the Toyota Camry Coupe. Toyota developed the Toyota Camry Coupe four years before, to present a sportier alternative for people thinking about buying a Camry. Its main competition was the Honda Accord Coupe, a mid-sized automobile with sporty attributes.

As a alternative for the Camry Coupe the Solara featured a 4 cylinder engine with a little a lot more electricity than a conventional Camry motor. The design also showcased an upgraded stereo as properly as sport choices. A couple of a long time following introduction, Toyota extra a Solara convertible to its lineup of mid-sized cars and trucks.

Toyota Solara Effectiveness

As famous earlier the Toyota Solara had a bit a lot more ability than the Camry. Toyota also made available a V-6 possibility in 2002 for superior effectiveness. In conditions of gasoline mileage a usual Solara bought in between 19-23 miles for every gallon for city driving and 26-33 miles per gallon for freeway driving.

By comparison, the hottest Toyota Camry gets similar fuel mileage. It receives 22 miles per gallon for metropolis driving and 33 miles for each gallon for highway driving.

Toyota Solara Exterior

The most noteworthy distinction amongst the Solara and the Camry was the exterior. The Solara was a two door car whereas the Camry was a 4 door motor vehicle. The Solara also highlighted more sportier trim options. The Solara also experienced a far more streamlined seem to its exterior.

As mentioned ahead of the Solara also had a convertible option. The convertibles commonly had V-6 engines in them.

Extra Attributes

With the Toyota Solara you could also get some additional options. Choices included sport suspension and functionality tires, leather-based upholstery as perfectly as a 6-disc CD changer. You could also get 16-inch aluminum wheels.

Afterwards models of the Solara, showcased Bluetooth connectivity, satellite radio, navigation methods and MP3 help.

Toyota Solara Discontinued

Inspite of its distinctive fashion, Toyota determined to discontinue the Solara from its Camry lineup in 2009. This was because of to dropping gross sales around the decades. There was not a great deal demand for sportier mid-sized vehicles with convertible alternatives.