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The “DPA” Method For Success

The “DPA” Method For Success


The “DPA” Method mean (Decision, Planning and Action.)

It’s very important for any success do this DPA method by sequencing.


That’s the big reason why some succeed and other fail.

The great majority of people have a dream to be successful, but just few of them achieve their success. because the main difference between them is the decision.

The unsuccessful person are just want to, intend to, hop to and pray to without make a decision!

They will still wait until death if they don’t make a clear decision for their dream or goal, and then go to the next step.

Decision mean I decided, mean I decided, mean I decided.


When you decide to achieve a goal, don’t tell anyone. but you can tell someone a few steps of the goal if you see that person can help you.


After you have been decided your dream or goal by power and focus, you should make this goal clear by make a plan detailed. This plan detailed must include six points.

1- Goal defined by sentence start with “I”


I write a book of creativity

2- Goal defined by KPI key


I save ≥ 1,000 dollar

≥ is a KPI key

You can use (≥, ≤, <, >).

3- Goal defined by deadline and sub-deadlines if necessary

Example of goal defined by deadline:

I buy “this car” by day/month/year

Because: “A Goal Is A Dream With A Deadline.” - Naboleon Hill

Example of goal defined by deadline and sub-deadlines:

I write “this book” by day/month/year

I write down the mind-map of “this book” by day/month/year

I write the first part of “this book” by day/month/year

Because: “Nothing Is Particularly Hard If You Divide It Into Small Jobs.” - Henry Ford
4- Goal defined by obstacles that can stop you from achieving this goal

You must define the obstacles, then discipline yourself to avoid this obstacles by learning, improving your skills, work smart and hard.

5- Goal defined by key support

Key support can be knowledge, information and skills you need to success on each step of your goal.

You should improve the skills that will help you to achieve your goal faster than any other way.

So, don’t forget to discipline yourself on learning every day, improving your skills and yourself every day.

And key support can be help and cooperation. that’s who you’ll need to achieve your goal like your family, friends, customers… Then ask yourself this question “What I need to do for them to help me?”

You can help them by satisfying their needs, wants and solving their problems. Then they will be happy and wants to give back your good deeds by help you.

6- Goal defined by all tasks you need to achieve this goal

The tasks must be include all steps of learning, training, planning and working.

Then organize all tasks by priority and sequence. and write monthly plan in the beginning of each month. And weekly plan each weekend, and daily plan before day start.

“Setting Goals Is The First Step In Turning The Invisible Into The Visible.” - Tony Robbins


And then you should take action by now, by what you have now and by where you are now.

Take action and go to achieve your goal by self-discipline and focus, with step-by-step.

“Take quality and quantity, work smart and hard, discipline yourself on each one single task.
And when you achieve your success, don’t forget to help others by anything you have.”

Thank you for reading my words.