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Travel Companions From Hell

Travel Companions From Hell

Selecting the right traveling companion may seem like an easy task, but when you get right down to it not everybody you know is travel worthy. Going for lunch and to the movies with your best friend twice a month or playing on the same softball team with someone every week does not necessarily make you compatible travel buddies.

Many friendships have been permanently damaged because of differences in travel styles. As a result, it is critical that you choose your traveling companion wisely. Some people can turn a well thought out travel experience into a vacation from hell. These are some companions you need to leave at home if want to enjoy your next vacation.

Now if by any chance you happen to be married to, living with or related by blood to any of the following people, it is suggested that you take separate vacations. Oh and by the way, if you happen to fit into any of these categories yourself then you might want to find someone just like you to travel with or simply travel alone.

1. Avoid people who invite themselves on your trip then proceed to tell you where you’re going, when you’re going and what hotel you’re staying in. These types are so pushy that they even have the gall to invite other people along without your approval. So your well planned out trip for two has now become an awkward group of five and guess who gets stuck on the roll-a-way in the triple room.

2. Keep away from people who have messy bathroom habits. Nothing is more annoying than going into the bathroom after your companion is finished and it’s an absolute mess. The floor is soaking wet, there’s hair all over the place and they have used all of the bath towels leaving you with a facecloth to dry off with after you’ve taken a shower.

3. Keep cling on’s at home. Traveling with someone who wants to spend every waking moment of the trip with you can be very stressful. They constantly ask you where you’re going and tell you to wait for them when you try to sneak away. They interrupt your conversations with other people because they don’t want to be left out and sulk when you don’t want to be near them all of the time.

4. Avoid people who are always on a timetable if you’re not the agenda type. These people insist on setting times in advance for when you should eat, when you should take tours, when you should go down to the beach, when you should get out of the sun and when you should breathe. Exhale and leave them behind.

5. Evade people whom one would call space hogs. They enter the room and immediately unpack taking up all of the closet space, hangers, drawers and places to put your shoes. They then go into the bathroom and unpack all of their toiletries, leaving no room for you to put any of your items on the counter. When you make a comment that you need some space, they politely apologize and provide you with two hangers and one drawer to put away one week worth of clothing. As a result you spend most of the vacation living out of your suitcase.

6. Snoring companions can make your vacation in paradise a vacation in misery. Nothing is more irritating than listening to the up and down breathing of someone who snores. It makes you not want to go to bed as you know it’s going to be another sleepless night. In some cases battling through a hurricane could be less painful that sharing a room with a snorer.

7. Companions who have no money and mooch off you the entire time can be very taxing. How convenient is it that they forgot to bring more money with them or better yet, they spent all of their money during the first two days of the vacation. This means that taxi rides, excursion, off property meals and the final hotel bill will be at your expense. Oh, what a joy!

8. Stay away from people who talk too much. Can anything drive you crazier than a constant talker? These kinds of people love to hear the sound of their own voice. They talk through the announcements on the plane, the descriptions or instructions of the tour guide and most annoying, they talk while you’re trying to read a book, listen to music or attempting to get some sleep.

9. Companions who have no respect for your privacy and time can be the most damaging of all. They don’t think twice about inviting strangers back to the room without your approval. You decide to go to bed early only for your roommate to bring the crowd from the bar back to the room after it closed to continue the party. They also think nothing of including strangers at your table for meals and love to invite them to join you on all of your outings for the week.

10. Steer clear of people who are depressed and want to spend the entire time moaning about their miserable life. These energy drainers can really put a damper on your vacation. Comforting an ailing friend is challenging on a regular basis, but doing it in at a beautiful resort can be pure torture.