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Volkswagen Vento Versus Volkswagen Polo Diesel

Volkswagen Vento Versus Volkswagen Polo Diesel

Volkswagen Polo Diesel, without doubt, is an effective Sedan boasting of tremendous offering at INR 6.65 lakhs. Cutting to specifics, Volkswagen Polo Diesel has dual airbags, central locking system and ABS for safety, chrome exteriors for outer beauty, plush leather upholstery and imperious inner space for interior aesthetics. Its taillights and front grilles are designed to perfection and the Volkswagen insignia comes out quite classically. With a 5-speed manual transmission, climatic AC control and sound speakers, Volkswagen Polo Diesel gives a homely experience.

Mileage is an issue

People may have an issue or two with its mileage output being just 17-18 kmpl; but the comfort level makes up for that problem. The petrol variant provides a torque of 153 Nm, which goes up to 180 with the diesel version. It generates Horsepower up to 104 PS, which is also eclectic. It is safe to assume that it is giving a tough time to its competitors with its superb looks and performance.

The classic Vento

You will, however, be spellbound when you go through Volkswagen Vento review. This sporty car with its shapely silhouette is a stunner on roads with a racy pickup speed. There has been some adjustment done with the lower taillights to offer some difference from the Volkswagen Polo Diesel model, at least look-wise. When you talk of safety, the parking sensors, superb suspension, great ground clearance, fantastic covered gearbox, and all other security stuff expected out of any car is found in Vento.

Vento’s classic touch

There is an option for 60-speed manual transmission; thus, the pickup speed is never a question. The exteriors are a gentle mix of beige and chrome; another extremely strong feature of Volkswagen Vento. The diesel variant generates an awe-inspiring torque of 250 Nm, and thus, you know you can go super-fast and turn without a moment’s fear. The LED-powered door locks, rear defogger, and electronic power steering are other strengths of this gorgeous car.

Steep price; sleek features

It is priced at INR 7.75 lakhs, and that is just about the only loophole about the Volkswagen Vento review. The smooth climatic air conditioners, speakers and woofers play up on the passenger’s mind. It has an expansive fuel capacity and the mileage is also standard at 17 kmpl for a sedan. Clearly, it holds an edge over Volkswagen Polo Diesel despite the rise in price for Vento.

The strong rear lights and body colored bumpers are additional features for both Polo and Vento. Volkswagen Vento Reviewmakes it clear that there is scope for some differences to make it stand out from Polo though. It is however decisively better than Hyundai and Maruti variants in Sedan segment.