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What Are the Most Popular Sports Bikes?

What Are the Most Popular Sports Bikes?

If you have recently considered buying a sports bike, it is likely you have asked what are the Most Popular Sports Bikes. In very simple terms, the most popular ones are mostly Japanese, with Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki and Yamaha being the leading brands. Outside Japan, other popular brands include Ducati in Italy and Triumph in Britain.

The popularity of sports bikes themselves is fairly simple, they are brightly coloured and very fast. In some tests, some brands proved as fast as production sports cars. It is not coincidental that these are often nicknamed crotch rockets. People often choose their model based on speed, agility and performance.

If you look online, different review sites will declare their personal choice of model the best brand of sports bike. While sales can show what is popular, this does not necessarily mean that particular model is universally regarded as the best. For every review that is positive about a brand of sports bike the likelihood is you will also find a site that declares it to be over rated.

Another issue is budget. While some people may declare their model better, it may not necessarily suit you and you may not be able to afford it. However you should check reviews to see the reliability of a cheaper model. If it breaks down more then the cheaper upfront price is something of a false economy.

There are different types of sport bike that are available for your personal needs. A beginner sports bike has a smaller 600 cc engine. As the name suggests, this is ideal if this is your first purchase. Popular examples of this type of sports bike are the Suzuki GS-500 and the Aprilia RXV550, so if this is the kind of model you want it is worth asking more about them.

As you become more confident, you can upgrade to the Super Sports Bike, which have a larger 600-1100 cc engine. Examples of this kind of model include the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14 and the Honda CBR1000RR. The next stage from this is the Hyper Sport which features a 1100cc engine or above. It cannot be emphasised enough that these kind of bikes require careful handling and taking a proficiency course is recommended.

There are numerous sites online, some that offer charts such as a top ten or quite simply name their best choice. It is important to read the reviews for specific details. You may prefer a more lightweight model or one that is quicker or with a more powerful engine. Remember though that a less powerful engine does not necessarily mean the motorcycle will not be fast or feel any the less powerful.

However, if you are reading this article then you probably want a clear conclusion and an answer to the question what is the most popular sports bike. Based on the amount of times it has been referred to online, recommendations and sales it would probably have to be the Honda CBR1000RR. However, to find the one that is the best one for you it is best to discuss it with your local sports bike retailer and to see if you can arrange a test drive.