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Why Performance Lowering Springs Give Your Honda Or Acura Type-R Ability

Why Performance Lowering Springs Give Your Honda Or Acura Type-R Ability

If you are looking to go racing, cruising the local boulevards, or looking for the right ride height for that perfect in the weeds stance, then you should consider adding performance lowering springs to your Honda or Acura. There are many reasons to consider them, you will need to decide how you plan on using your Honda, or Acura so you can decide what quality aftermarket products will be best for your application.

The spring rate is a component in setting the vehicle’s ride height or its location in the suspension stroke. Vehicles which carry heavy loads will often have heavier springs to compensate for the additional weight that would otherwise collapse a vehicle to the bottom of its travel Heavier springs are also used in performance applications when the suspension is constantly forced to the bottom of its stroke causing a reduction in the useful amount of suspension travel which may also lead to harsh bottoming, but proper lowering springs for the application can increase tire contact improving grip, and stability, and cornering ability.

Springs that are too hard or too soft will both effectively cause the vehicle to have no suspension at all. Vehicles that commonly experience suspension loads heavier than normal have heavy or hard springs with a spring rate close to the upper limit for that vehicle’s weight. This allows the vehicle to perform properly under a heavy load when control is limited by the inertia of the load. Riding in an empty truck used for carrying loads can be uncomfortable for passengers because of its high spring rate relative to the weight of the vehicle. A race car would also be described as having heavy springs and can also be uncomfortably bumpy. However, even though we say they both have heavy springs, the actual spring rates for a 2500 lb race car and a 7,000 lb truck are very different. A luxury car, taxi, or passenger bus would be described as having soft springs. Vehicles with worn out or damaged springs ride lower to the ground which reduces the overall amount of compression available to the suspension and increases the amount of body lean. Performance vehicles can sometimes have spring rate requirements other than vehicle weight and load.

Performance lowering springs have been designed to give your car superior handling with an aggressive race look. Many lowering springs utilize a progressive rate for several reasons. A progressive rate allows a plush comfortable ride under normal travel, but since the rate shifts higher during compression, it stops “body roll” during heavy braking, hard acceleration, or fast cornering. By lowering the center of gravity from factory height you dramatically improve performance and handling characteristics. From mild to wild many lowering springs are available for your tuner, from many lowering springs manufactures like: Tein, Tokico, Takata, K-Sport, KW, Elbach, Tanabe, Skunk2, Function7, DC, H&R, Koni, Vogtland, MimoUSA, S-Tech. has on of the largest selections of lowering springs available for your Honda, of Acura.

Key Features of Lowering Springs:

o Progressive rate designs can reduce harsh rides when lowering your tuner
o High quality components, for reliability, longer life and designed for lowering
o Increase the stiffness, and reduce body roll of vehicle
o Aggressive drop available from lowering springs while retaining superb handling characteristics
o Nicer stance after lowering
o protect dampers, struts, shocks.

When you look at lowering your Honda, or Acura, do not be fooled by poor advise on improper lowering, or dangerous lowering tactics. These improper lowering, and dangerous lowering techniques, would include heating factory springs for desired lowering height, or cutting factory springs to attain the desired lowering height. By altering springs for lowering you change the characteristics of the springs and while the lowering may be accomplished, the functional ability of the springs after improper lowering will be severely compromised. Altering your springs for lowering is not the right answer, and could prove to be very dangerous so please use discretion and purchase a proper set of lowering springs designed specifically for your Honda, or Acura. You vehicle, family, and all others on the road will appreciate your decision to use proper lowering springs. Now you can choose, and install your lowering springs, for another Type-R enhancement.